ASAP Liftoff
Thermco Systems
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Avoid metal redeposition and scratching caused by batch soak liftoff tools. ASAP Single Station 60WPH. Si GaAs Sapphire GaN SiC

ASAP offers a liftoff system to suit your application. From a single process station for spray liftoff and rinse to 3 dedicated liftoff stations and a rinse station for high throughput. The Liftoff system can be ordered with either manual wafer loading for low cost process qualification applications or automatic loading for high production. All configurations have automatic processing driven by recipes and offer full SECS/GEM interfacing if needed.




Combination Coater / Developer with Liftoff capabilities all on one platform. Cost savings is realized by having only one footprint and leveraging the auto wafer handling capability for all three applications. Perfect tool configuration for a low volume production or R&D facility.